Showing You A Better Bell

This is me! Nice picture of me. Aren't I booteefool? Yes, yes; I know you want my autograph, but you'll just hafta wait! I'm sorry!

Okay, so I figure I've never done a really good webby about myself, the things I like, or the people I surround myself with. This is a good opportunity, though, right? So here we go!

Contents of My Life

Personal Life of Me
More Pictures
Terrel's Page

So here's my page. I hope it didn't bore you too much.Maybe you'll find some of these other people's web pages a little more exciting. Don't worry, they're not anything that'll give you strange nightmares during the night..Or are they?! *Twilight theme song begins.*

Email me! Please? I get bored.

Here's my aim in case you don't feel like emailing me:

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Feel free to just leave a message on here if you feel like doing nothing else. I'll gladly check on it from time to time and respond to you. *Big grin*