Do You Have Depp Fever?

When Can You Be


That You Are Obsessed With Johnny Depp?

Yeah. I'm one of those Hormone-crazed teenagers who have fallen for the skilled, dashing actor, Johnny Depp. I can guarantee you that I am among the most knowledgable and zealous of fanatics, so I can tell a simple Depp-lover poser from a true Johnny worshipper. Believe me. You wanna find out if you are a Johnny fan..? Fine. I'll test you.

Don't like Johnny?! Go away. Go here instead.

Or go here. Whatever.

Alright. Get a pencil and a piece of paper.

Here comes a quiz!

  1. How old is Johnny Depp? -- A.) 39 B.) 40 C.) 38 D.) 41
  2. What are Johnny's kids' names? -- A.) Jake and Jessy B.) Lily-Ann and John C.) Lily-Rose and Jack D.) Laura and Katie
  3. What was the name of the band Johnny was first involved with? -- A.) Spiked B.) The Kids D.) The Fire D.) Viper's Nest
  4. What did he do in that band? -- A.) He played the drums. B.) Electric guitar. C.) He sang. D.) Just the guitar.
  5. What's his internationally envied wife's name? -- A.) Vanessa Paradis B.) Teresa Lagney C.) Katerina Debulle D.) Lagney Maldessa
  6. What movie was Depp's debut as an actor? -- A.) What's Eating Gilbert Grape? B.) Edward Scissorhands C.) A Nightmare on Elm Street D.) Ed Wood
  7. Johnny owns a club in Los Angeles where he plays with his current band, "P". What is it called? -- A.) Jump Room B.) The Viper Room C.) Rockdown D.) Depth
  8. Where was Depp born? -- A.) Ohio B.) California C.) Florida D.) Kentucky
  9. On his left bicep is a tatoo of a heart with the name "Betty-Sue" in the middle. Who is Betty-Sue? -- A.) His car. B.) An ex-girlfriend. C.) His mother. D.) Just an inside joke with his band.
  10. How tall is he? -- A.) 5'8 B.) 5'9 C.) 5'10 D.) 5'11



    1. B
    2. C
    3. B
    4. D
    5. A
    6. C
    7. B
    8. D
    9. C
    10. C
    11. So.. how'd you do?

      • A perfect ten? You KNOW and LOVE your dear Johnny! You're a true fan, like myself. You'd probably clean a thousand theater toilets with your mouth just for a chance to chew on some spat out gum that got stuck to Johnny's shoe. I know I would.
      • 6-9 answers correct? You like Johnny. A lot. But that's really all. A strong crush. You really really like him though. You've probably had a dream about him.
      • 3-5 right? You think he's hot. just.. Well, that's it. He's just hot as a summer day in hell.
      • 1-2 right? .. Uhm.. maybe you think he's cute. Or a good acter. But.. you are nowhere near obsessed. Not in the slightest. tiniest, most insignificant bit. Why are you HERE?! Go away! AWAAAYY!

      So. If you're happy with your answers, you probably think we Deppaholics are sad. If you thought this whole quiz idea was just a dipsquatish idea, you definitely think we're sad. But I wouldn't scoff, for we are many. And we will steal your Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs and videos in the night.

      BWUAH! HA HA HA!


      Until next time, this is Sarah Wickid, saying...

      "Got Johnny?"