Stuff that's (a little) Weird

And in this display we have some Links@! These Links@! are all to other people (not literally) and their websites (that, yes). Some of these Links@! might be even as strange as this page. Good luck!







Here's a place that makes very little sense. I will prove this by now initiating a long stream of meaningless babble. aldkfi;lfj rgiasdhf ;asdfk ;sidf aj;alsldfii;aks sidfhl;;lddij. lasdfuejejlwlugh? iahellrkeopfag isdgh ihk aihel! lsdfh! a;slkdfsjds;f! skdfaaaaaaaa! fdkak. dkale. e. dddd.

Thank you. Now, this a place where some useless and pointless things can be found, and maybe some interesting things, too. Here can be found, possibly, strange thoughts, stories, pictures, and snatches of stories or things that might just look like stories that I've written. You might enoy it. You might not. Oh well.

Here are just some beginning ideas of light-headed strangelings. Sample them at will. I doubt if there will be anything too dangerous to your psyche. But you can be afraid, if you want.

Some stuff:

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Look at this Thing!

And what is this here? Some buttons! This is dumb.

Maybe you should try pressing some of them. Just a thought. Random thought. The kind you get staring at your doom, deified in the form of a rabid, drooling antelope who faintly resembles your old girlfriend.

Just try it.